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That, of course, meant that the other party would be able to see you as well. There were certain inevitable risks that came along with doing something like this.

But, no matter who the other party may be, there was absolutely no way they’d catch onto what I was doing.

After all, even I wasn’t able to see Ayanokōji, my target, from where I was right now.

The key to this was a walkie-talkie hidden in the pocket of my jersey.

Thanks to this walkie-talkie, I had been able to keep in touch with a certain someone who was helping me constantly pinpoint Ayanokōji’s exact location.

Ever since the sixth day, the entire student body had been given permission to use their points on the ‘GPS Search’ feature on our tablets.

As such, it was possible for my accomplice and me to get a rough idea of Ayanokōji’s location.

Even if worse came to worst, I’d gladly exhaust my own supply of points in order to track him down.

No matter the method, there was something I absolutely had to get my hands on:

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Decisive, conclusive evidence.

One way or another, I needed to get my hands on enough definitive proof to get Ayanokōji expelled.

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I didn’t have any other options anymore. Horikita’s expulsion wasn’t what I should’ve been prioritizing all this time.

I felt truly ashamed that, despite having always been vaguely aware of his true potential, I had always chosen to look the other way.

In retrospect, I should’ve been more suspicious back when Ryūen stopped searching for ‘X’ in Class D.