Online Money Team Manual

Online Money Team Manual

“Please follow me.”

Carrying a radiant beam, the receptionist stood up and led Huang Sibo in.

To his surprise, he found the company somewhat empty.

His first reaction was that of worry, wondering if he had been scammed.

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However, when he saw the interiors of the company, he knew that that wasn’t the case.

Which scammer would go through such expense?

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Even for scammers, wouldn’t they consider the profit margins? Given the set up, how many people must they scam in order to recoup their investment?!

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As such, this company was definitely not feigning their wealth.

This was a new company that was opened by a rich person, most likely as an avenue to welcome cloud games.

Huang Sibo was confident that he had unraveled the truth behind everything.

Arriving at the guest room, he found a young man seated on the sofa.

He had delicate features and donned a suit.

Instantly, Huang Sibo felt a sense of inferiority.

That outfit looked even more expensive compared to those young men from the investment firm he had bumped into outside earlier on!

In fact, Huang Sibo could not even give an estimate to the cost of the suit. In any case, he was certain that it must be beyond his imagination.

Huang Sibo had tried his luck interviewing at a couple of other gaming companies but they were all rather casual.