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"Nothing's the matter, you were about to ask me, weren't you?".

"I mean, right? Just look at how Satou-san was acting, not too hard to imagine what's up, no?".

"How adulterous, Kiyotaka. Horikita and now Satou, you've got no integrity".

For some reason, even Keisei is angry. Still, I suppose I'll make an apology.

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"I was just invited to hang out".

"It must be quite something for a girl to ask a boy out though?".

"Surely you don't think S-S-S-Satou-san is interested in Kiyotaka-kun!?".

There had been a dispute of that nature a while back but Airi said so frantically.

"...there's really nothing I can say to that even if you ask me".

"A last minute rush for a lovey dovey Christmas perhaps? Now that's an amazing development there".

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Haruka is Haruka after all, onesidedly imagining her own scenario.

"More importantly, where do we go? I think today's going to be crowded".

Since a long holiday begins tomorrow, there's bound to be a lot of students hanging out late into the night today.

Keisei concluded that it'd be in our best interests to decide on a course of action.

"Well, can't we just, like, loiter around? There's no rush".