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「Ha, is that all you can say!? Loser!」

With that parting remark, Bubble and the women disappeared into the bustling crowd.

I sighed deeply after they were nowhere to be seen.


It was a pain.

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I don’t wanna get entangled with such a bunch.

(…Let’s move from here)

The world is huge.

There are some kind-hearted people like Paula-san. and there are weird ones such as Bubble.

I don’t have to waste time on such a weird bunch.

「Err, the reception… is over there.」

There was a long line right in front of the venue for the Sword Festival.

At the top of that was a sign board that reads,「Sword Festival Reception」.

The reception is definitely that way.

I stood at the back of the line and waited for my turn to come.

10 minutes later.

「Next person please」

It was finally my turn.