"Geh, is this all.....?".

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The menu is a simple one, a Japanese breakfast based on rice, soup and main dishes. But students with big appetites would understandably see it as being insufficient.

For the record, it looks like we can substitute this meal with something else but in that case we'll have to prepare the substitute ourselves.

"Thank god for the uninhabited island experience. Compared to that, I'd take this one any day".

As though he's somehow at peace, Keisei eats his breakfast.

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"If we're going to do it fairly, then how about each school year has a go at it?".

In the middle of breakfast, a 3rd year boy who looked like a leader turned towards Nagumo and made his proposal for the breakfast rotations.

"That's right. No objections here. I'd like to start it off with the 1st years".

"How about it, 1st years? Any objections?".

There's no way anyone could say they object in a situation like this.

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Assuming the remaining days will all have clear weather, the number of times we'll need to cook breakfast would be six times.

The order in which we'll be cooking is different but that's no reason for discontent.

It's not something you'd naturally accept as a kouhai, but it's not really something that shouldn't just shut up and accept either.

"Understood. Please go with that".

Our leader, Keisei, accepted that.

"Since we'll be cooking breakfast, what time do we have to get up tomorrow?".