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“Although there’s a huge possibility that doing so would lead to failure, Boss Pei shows no intention of backing down. Instead, he insists on his own pursuit of extreme artistry...”

At that point, Wu Bin frowned.

Liang Qingfan keenly noticed this. Thus, he paused and waited for Wu Bin to respond.

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After much consideration, Wu Bin finally said, “But... that directly conflicts the way that Boss Li describes Boss Pei.

“According to Boss Li, Boss Pei is a calm and ruthless man. He’s so calm that he can address any problem objectively and logically and that allows him to make the right decisions.

“In other words, Boss Pei should be choosing extreme minimalism based on business acumen. He must think that doing this would lead to great success.

“What’s more, Boss Li’s conclusion is backed by different examples. It is most likely reliable.”

Liang Qingfan remained silent for a while. “I think it is impossible for Sloth Apartments to achieve ‘greater success’. At best, it would be a small and beautiful project that earns a reputation but not profit.”

Wu Bin fell silent once again.

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Both parties seemed to make sense. Seeing that the interview had resulted in a deadlock, Cui Geng said, “Maybe... both of those impressions of Boss Pei don’t conflict. Perhaps both of them are different aspects of Boss Pei that blend together perfectly in ways that we cannot see. “It’s just like how Boss Pei can always find a way to turn decay into magic and cause seemingly-impossible projects to become popular overnight.” Wu Bin nodded. “Yes... that makes sense. We can look deeper into these conflicting views...”

July 1st, Friday... Thriller Hostel had officially been completed!

Pei Qian stood at the entrance of the old industrial zone-no, Thriller Hostel-feeling very conflicted inside.

When he visited before, the entire project was still under intense construction. There were scaffolding and various construction materials everywhere, and it looked like a full-blown construction site. Pei Qian could hardly detect any change. Yet, now, Thriller Hostel and all of its surrounding facilities had been completed. They were ready to welcome their first customers!