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What was Jamdi’el up to? The hint to that came abruptly and unexpectedly so early in the morning.

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『…… muh?』

As I ran through the empty streets of the town, and reached the beach, Tre’ainar and I were surprised.

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There was no one in the streets, so I thought there would be no one on the sandy beach, but it wasn’t so.

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“… is someone there?”

There was a figure on the beach.

Not that there was anything strange about it.

As I am running outside like this, it wouldn’t be strange if someone woke up early and went for a walk on the beach.

Well, it was too early to call it a morning walk.

But as we ran closer to the person, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

“Wha … horn …?”


A large horn was growing out of the person’s head.

Devil-kin? Half-breed like Bro?

“…… a song?”

I heard a gentle, calm, and relaxing song like a lullaby.

A woman’s voice that sounded a little childish.