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"I was watching, Kanji, you were 6th place weren't you!?".

"Y-You almost didn't get 1st place too just now, did you? We're in the same boat!".

They were definitely not in the same boat at all. By saying unnecessary things like that, Ike got pinioned.

"I took 1st place. Well, that Shibata guy was pretty fast too though. I beat him".

Dropping Shibata down to 2nd place after he had secured 1st place twice in a row was a good sign for Sudou, who's aiming to be the best amongst our school year.

We didn't even have time to rest as we had to prepare for the three-legged race. On the other hand, the obstacle course race for the girls had turned stormy from the very first round.

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Horikita had endeavored earlier to compensate for the results as she separated herself from the Class C duo right away from the start.

"I've seen this earlier before".

"Looks like she's in the same group as Yajima-san and Kinoshita-san again".

Horikita possesses high potential for not just sports but also in her studies and various assorted things. However, it's no easy task to beat someone who specializes in something.

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As the match started, Kinoshita darted forward. She made it to the balance beam before anyone else and forcibly created distance between herself and those following behind.

Yajima's in second place. And Horikita following them is how the match started out. Unlike the 100 meter dash or the hurdle race which purely tests only one's speed and stamina, there are various unknowns involved in the form of obstacles and so the gap did not widen as much as you'd think.

After passing the balance beam, the gap had shrunk to the point they were almost lined up beside one another.

"Looks like there's a chance for her, this time".

Nearby, Sudou's also cheering Horikita on and he grips his hands tight as he watches over her. By the time they had crossed through the net, Horikita had taken the lead at last.