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「Ah, look, Allen! This shellfish is very big!」

Ria pointed to a large spiral shell buried in the sand, her eyes sparkling.

「Oh, this is amazing.」

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It was as splendid as the ones sold in a shop.

「It’s a “razur shellfish”. If you put butter around its mouth and steam it, it tastes excellent. I used to eat it with my grandfather at the end of our training session.」

Rose said, sounding nostalgic.

「Shellfish, butter… steamed!」

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Dominated by appetite, Ria quickly looked around with sparkling eyes.

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「L-Let’s look for it! There must be a lot more!」

「W-We just ate it a little while ago… And I don’t think we can eat it even if we look for it now though…」

As we were making noise on the sandy beach, a group in black clothes – the servants of House Arcstria – came towards us from the front.

They were all pushing bogies, and there was a big object of about one meter square placed on each of them.

Because a gray sheet was covered over them, it is not possible to know what’s inside, but… it seems to be quite heavy.

「What is that, president?」

「Fufu, the “fun” I prepared in regards to this spring training camp.」

「Oh right… You were certainly saying something like that before we left Ringard.」