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“I don’t need that!”

“Ah, if you really want sweet kissing memories, you want to drink my black tea?”

Aguri-san said that as she pushed her cup to me.

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…How could someone further destroy a lonely person’s soul and mind? I thought about just licking the entire cup angrily. However, such empty yet terrifying action benefits no one. So, I held myself back.

Aguri-san said, “Amanocchi sucks.” Then, she mischievously smiled and took back the cup before enjoying the tea. …Sheesh.

“…Even though I’m the same, Aguri-san really doesn’t know how to comfort others.”s

“What are you talking about? Are you getting turned on because I’m teasing you? Amanocchi, disgusting.”

Aguri-san said that and smiled evilly again. After that, she put the cup onto the mat and turned serious.

“Well, let’s forget how Amanocchi is feeling now first. …Actually, I bet Tendou-san and Hoshinocchi aren’t in great shape either.”

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“…Yeah. Tendou-san must be hurt pretty bad, …and Chiaki isn’t the type that can just ignore what she did…”

“You two started calling each other’s first names. Nice friends you got there…”

“Yeah, …I think we treat each other as precious friends.”

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I started to feel like this can’t continue anymore. Honestly, my kissing experience is helplessly bitter. However…