How to move bricks online

How to move bricks online

However, if he kept delaying and did not respond, the players’ dissatisfaction would gradually accumulate. More and more players would compare IOI mobile games with Fitness Battle. At that time, it would be equivalent to bringing popularity to Fitness Battle for nothing.

Eric frowned and forced himself to calm down.

“We cannot work on IOI mobile games.”

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“The higher-ups made the decision to make the mobile game this way. It’s impossible for me to persuade them. What’s more, even if I change it now, the damage done to the players would be irreversible.”

“The stereotype has already been formed. It’s very difficult to reverse it. What’s more, we can’t learn Boss Pei’s tricks.”

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“In my opinion... we might as well go with the flow.”

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“Don’t fight Boss Pei to the death in his area of expertise. We should increase our efforts and organize preferential activities.”

Eric’s thoughts were very clear. Tengda could play this way because Tengda’s situation was special.

Boss Pei was the only one in the company who had the final say. What’s more, the entire company had to obey him. That was why Boss Pei was able to make such a radical move.

However, Finger Games did not belong to Eric alone. Long Yu Corporation did not belong to Zhao Xuming alone either. The two of them were at most one of the higher-management in the company. Many things could not be decided by them.

That meant that even if they wanted to pretend to have a ‘conscience’ like Tengda, they would not be able to. That was because the other higher-ups in the company, including the boss, still wanted to earn more money.

Thus, learning Tengda’s model was equivalent to imitating and making a fool of himself. Not only would they lose a lot of money, but it would most likely not have much effect.

Eric decided to give more discounts, such as more discounts for the skin. As long as the discounts were increased, he would definitely be able to salvage a lot of reputation.

Zhao Xuming gave him a thumbs up. “Smart! Your thinking is too clear. I’ve learned!”

“Then... what kind of promotion should we organize?”

Eric thought for a moment. “The current activity is mainly based on discounts. It’s not impossible to lower the current discount, but the effect might not be good. It might also cause dissatisfaction among consumers.”

Zhao Xuming nodded. That was easy to understand.

For example, gamers were very happy to buy this skin at a 50%!d(MISSING)iscount. However, it became a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount in less than two days. How could gamers tolerate that?

It would be very troublesome if he were to refund the difference in prices for gamers. On top of that, it would make people feel that the game company was too childish. They would say that their words did not account for anything if they were to change their words day and night.