10 kinds of most reliable online

10 kinds of most reliable online

「From Ferris-san?」

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Chemy-san received the traditionally designed letter, and intently read the contents inside.

「…I see, I understand. Sid Euclius-kun, Cain Material-kun… I’ll permit you to transfer here for a period of two-weeks.」

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I don’t know what kind of change of heart Chemy-san had, but she readily admitted to their transfer.


「Oh! We did it, Sid!」

While Sid-san and Cain-san were wrapped in joy,

「…Director Chemy?」

Idol-san’s cold glance pierced Chemy-san.

「W-What is it, Idol-san?」

「What was written in that letter just now?」

「W-Well… the contents were truly wonderful! I was so very touched, to the extent which made me permit their transfer!」she said, in an excited voice, as though looking forward to something in the future.

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How do I put this… It felt very suspicious.

「Is that true?」

Idol-san took a step closer and stared directly into Chemy-san’s eyes.

「What?! Do you doubt your Director?」

「Yes」Idol-san replied, almost immediately.