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“Because your father doesn’t allow it. If I disobey him, I can’t survive in this world. After all, I want to climb up the social ladder as well.”

Tsukishiro did not leave the conversation at that, and instead continued talking about the topic.

“Don’t look at me with such a surprised face. You wanted my excuse, so you got it, eh?”

“Well, that’s true.”

“I’ve seen what you achieved in the White Room. You truly are an extraordinary child. You’re just over 16 years old, but your ability is definitely abnormal. Even the adults around you can’t match you in mind, body or skill. You’re out of reach for them.”

Tsukishiro shortened the distance between us, and a kind smile appeared on his face.

“Anyway, you spent a year at this school without many problems. Why not just let it go? That’s the mature decision.”

He meant that I should take my memories of the past year and go back to the White Room like that.

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“I’m still a child, after all. I don’t plan to let go of this so easily.”

“Heh, do you really think you can escape from me?”

“I plan to resist until the end.”

“There’s an old saying, about how the frog in the bottom of the well doesn’t know the ocean. You seem to have a tendency to overestimate yourself, so even though I gave you a chance, you fail to appreciate my kindness.”

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Tsukishiro spread his arms lightly.

“Although I don’t know how it is at this school, you are definitely not Number 1. Among the students of the White Room after you, there have been several students who are equal, or even more powerful than you. You should understand that you’re just another mass-produced person.”

“If that’s the case, there’s no need to pay attention to me right?”

“If you were not the son of that man, that would be true. Your father really wants to bring you to a higher domain. Even if he looks like a cold person, that man is still your father. He firmly believes that you are an existence that can become a model, and lead the masses.

Tsukishiro did not conceal his dissatisfaction towards that man, but that was to show me the extent of his power and position right now.