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“Team Leader Su, Huang Wang has no problems with the transfer. However, there will be extra conditions,” Pei Qian told Team Leader Su.

“Huang Wang will need to maintain the training schedule and his work-life balance like when he was in the DGE Club. He has to have two hours of professional fitness training every day. You need to find him a full-time fitness coach and nutritionist.

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“Other than that, Huang Wang will use the ROF system units and a full set of peripherals that he had been familiar with for his training. I hope you can fully respect his training habits.

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“I heard that there are currently two teams in the GOG division of the H4 Club. The original training base is already very crowded. I hope that the H4 Club can find a new training base. It does not need to be too good, but the quality of life for each team member has to be guaranteed.

“Of course, I know that your club’s funds are stretched so I’ve decided that DGE Club will only take 800,000 yuan in transfer fees. The remaining 2.2 million yuan will be used as the cost of improving the training base.

“Your club will only have the right to use this money on behalf of us. You have to ensure that Huang Wang knows where the money is going to ensure that they go to the right places.”

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“Very grateful, Boss Pei! Much appreciated!” Team Leader Su exclaimed, beside himself with joy.

Team Leader Su intended to keep Huang Wang on his original training schedule even if Boss Pei did not mention it. He even planned for the two teams in the GOG division to train according to it.

Previously, Pang Ling recorded the DGE Club’s daily training schedule when they visited the DGE Club, which attracted the attention of the senior management.

The senior management of the H4 Club realized that it could be the reason why the DGE Club was so strong after analyzing it! The approach was very scientific!

The clubs had only paid attention to the training of game skills and ignored the physical fitness of the players for the longest time.

Wouldn’t they make a huge loss if they were to purchase Huang Wang but were unable to ensure that he could train the way he did as before which would result in a decline in his performance?

Therefore, Team Leader Su had originally wanted Huang Wang to share DGE’s training experience and improve the level of their teams.

However, the funds of the H4 Club were really limited. They really broke their bank signing Huang Wang up this time. To find a new training base in Shanghai where every inch of land cost a bomb, apply fitness memberships for all members, and to order fitness meals for them was something that they really could not support financially.

However, all these problems were now solved due to Boss Pei’s generosity!

Team Leader Su knew that Boss Pei could actually ignore this since there would be nothing more to do with him when the players were sold!

However, Boss Pei took the initiative to spend most of the signing fee to improve the environment for his own players where the other members of the H4 Club could follow suit.