how to send money internationally

how to send money internationally

「But without at least that much magical power, you cannot perform techniques such as the Devil Spiral Break that I showed you.」

「...... Are you?」

「Yes, the techniques to contain the magic power in the body’s tank and control it freely... 【Great Demon Super Evolution · Breakthrough】 bloom!」 [3]

Does it hurt? But if I endure it, I can do that too.

「Does~ does it hurt... ah~... But ...」

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「I think this is one of the risks. Even for a shortcut, I doubt power can be obtained easily. You have to overcome intense pain. But that is why the fact that you have endured the pain will be the backbone that will support you later.」

Yes, I know.

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To gain power in a short time, it is natural that a reasonable price is necessary.

However, the pain does not end only today.

According to the conversation, we’ll keep doing it for a month.

A month...

– Uh... That? Sorry...... It’s not too big a deal, so I guess it was disappointing?

Well, the figure of Fu is in my head. It was repeated in my head many times.

– Yes? I’m sorry, I was surprised that it wasn’t too big a deal.

Gradually changed little by little......

-Heeeey, you guys are surprised to see the power of my magic! Nooow, which woman do I play with todaaaaay ?? [4]

「No, that is too much of an exaggeration. You are not keeping to the model anymore, are you? 」

Anyway, that pompous baby face making everyone go ‘KyahKyah’ annoys me.