What is mobile game online?

What is mobile game online?

This reaction… As expected, this set-up seems to have been ordered by His Majesty.

(Damn… He would go so far just to win…)

When I looked back, Claude-san had a complicated expression.

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(…His Majesty’s doing? All the weapons in the waiting room were probably prepared this way…)

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When she noticed my gaze, she opened her mouth weakly.

「… I don’t want to win with such an underhanded method.」

「But I have already dedicated myself to Ria-sama… In order to protect Her Highness, I will make use of whatever underhanded methods…!」

She said clearly, with a determined look.

「Yeah, I think that’s fine.」

Just as I have my own resolve, Claude-san has her own resolve too.

「Kisama Allen, you did really well. You are an excellent swordsman who far exceeded my expectations. But now that you’ve lost your sword… You don’t have a chance to win anymore. Give up and surrender. Even if I’m using underhanded methods, I don’t want to cut down an unarmed opponent…」

She turned the tip of the long sword towards me with an uncomfortable expression.

(Surely my victory is hopeless in this situation where I have lost my sword…)

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「Claude-san… Do you think I’ll give up – just because I lost my sword?」

I’ve always been fighting in overwhelmingly disadvantageous situations.