Now what is not good to make money online selling

Now what is not good to make money online selling

There were only two ways of making limited edition items. Either everyone snatched them up depending on their hand speed, which was tantamount to surrendering to the scalpers. Pei Qian would rather make more money than to make it easy for these blood-sucking assh*les.

Otherwise, it was the use of ‘credit value’. Tengda’s consumers could obtain higher purchasing authority. Once they had it, they could only be bound to the benefits and not be able to resell them. This was also possible to wash the scalpers away.

This route had been used in Ocean Stronghold. It could indeed fend off the influence of scalpers to a large extent, but it could not make him less profit. It would cause consumers to consume more in Tengda’s other sectors.

Anyway, it seemed as though both methods could not work!

He could only mass-produce then. Scalpers wouldn’t be able to play with the prices and would naturally disintegrate without him doing anything However, how was he to produce to earn less?

Or perhaps, could there be a possibility to make a loss by producing more?

“I said before, the profit margin of the cell phones should not exceed 5%!.(MISSING).” Pei Qian looked directly at Chang You.

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Chang You replied immediately, “Yes, Boss Pei. We did it exactly to that standard. We could not achieve this through stockpiling so I got the other Tengda departments to add on various benefits!”

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Pei Qian, “...”

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Sh*t, seems like the extra benefits were his mistake as well.

However, it was obviously not the time to be worried about this at this point.

If the profit margin of this mobile phone was only 5%! (MISSING)It meant that it was by the merits of concessions of the other departments.

It was profitable but not too much.

The current 1,000 sets of cell phones were sold out only because there was too little stock available.

The biggest advantage of this cell phone was the various benefits to the Tengda Corporation. It held a huge appeal to the locals in Jingzhou.

The attendees of the news conference this time were all locals from Jingzhou. They were also Tengda’s clients from other industries. These benefits obviously were very attractive to them, especially the unexpected news conference...

That was what caused the phenomenon of the sell-out at lightning speed!