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It's understandable that Yamauchi would complain. This was a problem that came up a while back during the exam on the cruise as well.

The large group at the top will gain private points but for the students at the bottom, there'd be no profit.

On the contrary, they'd lose their private points. If so, then a lot of students would understandably want to be allocated to the winning group.

"In regards to that, if everyone consents to it then I'd like to go with a way that allows for equal distribution. We don't know which large group will come out on top. Once the exam is underway, and we can confirm that private points will increase for the entire class, then we can divide them up between ourselves. Since transfer of points is permitted there shouldn't be a problem".

Even if we get points deducted, if everyone shares the burden then the risk would also decrease.

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"Ohh, I see. There's that".

Of course that makes it easy for the talented students to complain though but it's also easy to come to a consensus in this special exam.

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What the deciding factor will be is still a mystery.


Having heard Hirata propose his plan, Chabashira turned away and laughed.

"I wasn't able to answer before since you lot didn't ask me any questions but as a reward for your promotion to Class C I'll give you just one, good advice".

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