Use a computer online to make money

Use a computer online to make money

After thinking for a while, Pei Qian really didn’t have any good suggestions. He could only begrudgingly nod. Pei Qian said unwillingly, “Alright; he has already understudied for so long. Ask him to be responsible for some basic tasks.”

Lu Mingliang hurriedly nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. Do continue to rest; I’ll go and work

Pei Qian leaned into his chair as he tugged at his blanket again. Somehow, he was a little restless; and he couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

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“This is strange; where is this feeling of danger coming from all directions coming from? It can’t be Shang Yang Games, right?” Pei Qian speedily reviewed each of his projects in his mind.

For Tengda, the new editions would probably make money. However, this was controllable; and it wasn’t that big an issue. As for Fei Huang Workspace, they said they wanted to film a documentary; but there have been no updates yet.

The Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was in a traditional position of strength; two new branches have just finished renovations and were preparing to open. As for the flagship store, he had gone over to take a look slightly more than a week ago; and there had not been any lurking dangers.

Thinking more about this, it seemed like the risks at Shang Yang Games were still the biggest! Pei Qian had requested for them to remove all their purchase options for their existing two games, leaving only one such purchase option. This was indeed a risky

Removing the purchase options would definitely be beneficial for the game’s reputation; this was given. However, reputation and income were two separate matters.

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For a game like Bloody Battle Song that had trashy graphics and ordinary gameplay; its only selling point had been that ballers could whack and kill people within the game. In other words, this game’s core selling point was in ‘revenge buying’.

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After one hacked another, the latter would immediately top up more money to hack the first person back. This was a core attraction of this kind of game.

Precisely because these games had a ‘revenge buying’ mentality that triggered the negative emotions of players—no matter how bad the graphics were and how inferior the gameplay was, people would still play this game.

If Pei Qian didn’t change anything about it, this game might still have a chance of making a comeback; this chance was not small at that.

As long as Ye Zhizhou did a little promotion here and there to bring back old players, this game might actually return to its previous profitable state; Pei Qian would no longer be able to incur losses from it.

Hence, Pei Qian had decided to remove the purchase options in the game.

Bloody Battle Song had no other selling point when it came to graphics or gameplay in comparison to other games; it was a pipe dream to think of attracting new players.

Even if the game became fair and its reputation became good, so what? As long as it didn’t earn money, Pei Qian was fine with that.

Of course, what if this game started to attract many new players because of its improved reputation and the player base became so big that profits actually grew? This was not entirely impossible; the possibility was rather small, however.

Pei Qian thought about this for a while, and it seemed that only Shang Yang Games still had a certain risk factor to it. He decided to pay special attention to them.

He was going to head to Bloody Battle Song’s official site to take a look.