How to invest in the Internet to make money?

How to invest in the Internet to make money?

At that thought, he became even more nervous.

After looking at all of Fish-Catching Take-Out’s figures, Boss Pei felt extremely satisfied.

It wasn’t difficult for one business to incur losses for a while. However, it was extremely difficult for one business to incur losses consistently. On top of that, Fish-Catching Take-Out was continuing to incur losses no matter how well the other businesses did and no matter who was put in charge!

Lin Canrong had made Ming Yun Private Kitchen popular. That was enough to prove his capabilities.

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However, even Lin Canrong could not make Fish-Catching Take-Out generate profits. That showed that Fish-Catching Take-Out was a good business that had withstood the test of fire!

At that thought, Pei Qian tapped his table gently. “What do you think... is the main reason that Fish-Catching Take-Out is still incurring losses to this day?”

Rui Yuchen’s heart thudded. He had a bad feeling about this.

Boss Pei was going to hold him to account!

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Rui Yuchen knew the answer in his heart. Fish-Catching Take-Out was still incurring losses because of its business model.

However, he could not say that out loud!

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Boss Pei had been the one who set the business model. If Rui Yuchen said that something was wrong with the business model, wouldn’t he be indirectly slapping Boss Pei in the face?

Thus, Rui Yuchen pretended to ponder hard and then shake his head. “I don’t know.”

Although this answer made him look useless, Rui Yuchen decided that it would be far better than indirectly slapping Boss Pei in the face. Pei Qian was stunned. He was shocked at this young man’s honesty.

However, the shocked expression soon turned into a grin. He was very happy with this answer!

Rui Yuchen looked like a talent worth nurturing

Since that was the case, Pei Qian could entrust him with bigger responsibilities!

Pei Qian smiled slightly, took the teapot next to him, and poured a cup of tea before pushing it into Rui Yuchen’s hand.

“You answered well.” Rui Yuchen quickly took the cup, confused. I answered well? What did this mean? I said ‘I didn’t know!’

Boss Pei did not compliment others usually!