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In name, Tengda Corporation and Slow Movement Studio were only in an investment relationship. Pei Qian could not “order” Slow Movement Studio to develop a certain game.

However, Pei Qian believed that Lin Wan and the others would definitely follow his instructions.

After sending Boss Pei off, Lin Wan and Cai Jiadong went from one state of confusion to another.

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Boss Pei had given them directions, but why did it sound a little unreliable?

Cai Jiadong said, “Boss Lin, according to Boss Pei…”

“A game with a real estate agent as the protagonist can only be a ‘real estate agent simulator ‘…”

“But what’s there to simulate?”

“The work of real estate agents is very boring. They bring their clients for house viewing every day, post on the internet, find houses, and so on.”

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“Many people are not even willing to do this job in reality, much less turn it into a game?”

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Lin Wan looked solemn as she fell into deep thought.

“Since Boss Pei said that he could do it, there must be enough gameplay to support it.”

“Games must be based on reality but higher than reality.”

“We can actually design it this way: At first, the protagonist was a new real estate agent who rented a house. His job was to show customers the house, introduce the houses to customers, and earn money through commissions. However, as the game progressed, he could also open his own company and build his own brand.”

“In the beginning, the protagonist would focus on the apartments. Different customers would have different preferences. They would have to tell the shortcomings of the apartments truthfully or deceive the customers. They would have to bear the corresponding consequences.”

“Once the protagonist becomes the branch manager, he would have a certain amount of autonomy. He would be able to modify the layout of the houses and some old houses. That would attract more customers and earn the difference in rent.”

“After that, the protagonist builds his own brand, he can also customize his furniture with the furniture manufacturer and deeply renovate the house in the style that he likes. He can also save up money to buy his own house, rest in his own house, and have some simple entertainment.”

“The gameplay is still very rich based on this. It can be a real estate agent simulator, judge the shortcomings of the house, communicate with customers to facilitate orders, or it can be a renovation simulator, plan the layout and decoration style of the room, and be evaluated by the system.”