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Accompanying the sudden greeting, an uninvited clump of seaweed appeared on our seat.

“C-Chiaki?” “Hoshinomori-san?”

She ignored that we’re still shocked and even stick her soft body to me and try to squeeze space for her to sit. Aguri-san and I immediately moved inwards as we went speechless.

Chiaki was the one that ran to us, but she blushed real hard like she’s very embarrassed…However, at the same time, she glared severely at Aguri-san and me

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The situation is too sudden, we can’t say anything. Chiaki told the waitress, “Uh, I want to order drink bar services as well!” After a short explanation, she put her bag next to her and took a deep breath…

Then, as if she’s trying to blame us, the girl cried out for some dumbfounded reason.

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“I-I still…I still can’t acknowledge the r-r-relationship between y-you two! I-It’s because…It’s because I…I…! I also…!”



So, this is it.

No one understood the situation, the three of us was clouded with confusion.

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“I-I’m really sorry…”

Chiaki slowly sipped her water as she blushed even more and plopped her head down.

Aguri-san and I looked at each other and sighed helplessly.

…Around 5 minutes after Chiaki’s intrusion, she finished listening to our explanation of this meeting. When she understood the situation, her anger disappeared quickly and entirely reverted to that…embarrassed Ms. Chiaki Hoshinomori mode, which is the same as me.

She still lowered her head and explained before grabbing her drink.

“No, well, …our parents aren’t home today. So, Konoha and I came to the family restaurant for dinner…However, when I witnessed the moment that you two are talking to each other intimately, my mind replayed that scene a couple days ago. My anger flared up…Once I realized, I’m already sitting next to Keita…”