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Haruka commented, exasperated from having come across a scene like this for a second time.

“Forget it. It doesn’t matter who called them over. Let’s hear what you have to say, Shiina-chan.”

“It has to do with the rumors. You guys from Class A are the ones that posted them, right?”

Judging that they might run into problems should Ishizaki lead the conversation, Hiyori took over.

“Hey hey hey. Why are you asking us something like that?”

“Isn’t it obv-!”

“Please. Leave this to me, Ishizaki-kun.”

Hiyori gently stopped Ishizaki from angrily lashing out at Hashimoto.

“I heard it through the grapevine. I was informed about what you had told Kanzaki-kun when he confronted you about the source of Ichinose-san’s rumors.”

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“What a chatterbox. Did you happen to hear that from those two over there?”

He gestured over to Akito and me since we had witnessed the entire exchange in question.

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“Please answer the question, Hashimoto-kun.”