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“”””Too awesome! That’s the 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!””””

“Guh, th, these guys... fine, already! 【Great Demon Sonic Flicker】!”

『Uh huh uh huh, that will do.』

My special technique was named without permission, and I felt reluctant about shouting out any other moves from now on.

“tte, this is... quite something. A long distance flicker that is hard to avoid...”

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For the time being, I’ll leave the name of the technique aside, but the whip-like shockwave released from flicker carved into Mr. Machio’s steel muscles from the surface.


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“This won’t do... although it is a left, this shockwave is not half bad... the impact doesn’t just affect the surface of the body, but also resonates to the inner core...”

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A normal guy might be finished after one shot, but Mr. Machio is not normal.

He smiled while enduring.

“Originally, I was aiming to strike once you’re tired or out of magic, but ... let’s jump in!”


“I can’t catch you at my own speed, but... I don’t think there’s any way out of this if I just stay idle!”

Mr. Machio rushed in regardless of the shockwave.

“Ke, can you bear it~?”