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Ria, the first person whose curse was lifted, woke up slowly.

It seems that the treatment was successful.

「Ria, thank goodness! Is your body all right?」

「…Body? …!? Oh, right! That demon!?」

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She looked around in a hurry, just as she remembered everything.

Looking at her moving around energetically, there seems to be no problem with the body.

「It’s okay. I’ve already beaten Zerey.」

「N-No way… A monster which uses such a fearsome ability… on your own!?」

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「Aa. I did have some trouble, though.」

「T-That’s Allen for you…」Ria whispered, with a hint of shock.「So, where’s Zerey? Did you perhaps… erase him without a trace?」she asked, while looking around unsettled.

「Of course I wouldn’t go that far. He tried to escape by flying, so I shot him down with Dark Roar.」

「I-I see… So, that prideful demon was so overwhelmed that he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs…」

「Zerey fell into a nearby forest, so I am about to go capture him. Will you protect Tenshi-sama and everyone while I’m away?」