Art how to make money online

Art how to make money online

Pei Qian considered the problem for a moment. Then, he said, “I’m thinking the exact opposite. Lincheng is my next target.”

Zhang Yuan was stunned. “Lincheng?”

Lincheng City was the poorest city in Handong Province. The famous impoverished county, Daokou County, was located in Lincheng City.

How could they open Fish-Catching Internet Cafes in such a poor place? How many customers could they have?

Pei Qian continued speaking “What’s more, we won’t just open more Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches.

“All businesses that are related to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe will move there, too!”

Pei Qian could not help but smile as he looked at Zhang Yuan’s confused expression.

Pei Qian was not eager to expand Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Instead, he wanted to open more Upwind Courier stations.

However, Upwind Courier stations were littered around Jingzhou. If one opened a map, they would see a dense network of those stations. There was practically no area in the city that was not covered by an Upwind Courier station.

Pei Qian had to consider other cities if he wanted to open more such stations.

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However, setting up Upwind Courier stations without opening Fish-Catching Internet Cafes would be too strange. Others would become suspicious.

If he wanted to expand to other cities, the businesses had to move together. Then, people would not grow suspicious.

What’s more, there was one huge benefit to opening Fish-Catching Internet Cafes compared to Upwind Courier stations: more initial costs were involved in the former. A lot of money would be needed to pay rent, conduct renovations, purchase computers, and the like.

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Even if the internet cafe began generating profits later, it would take a longer time to recover the huge initial investment.

At the very least, the initial investment would not be recovered before the next settlement.