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The two of them who weren’t too sure about this looked at each other troublingly.

Using this chance while they weren’t fighting, I used the momentum to propose:

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“The two of you are both interested in ‘gamers group’, but thinks that the Gamers Club is not what you are looking for.”

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“In that case, we should create a new organization! Unlike the Gamers Club that holds club activities for everyone to hone their skills, but something more relaxed, a gaming group that makes having fun for its members the priority. That is… the ‘Gamers Hobby Group’ that I am trying to form!”


The two nerds were probably influenced by my passion as they forgot their position and clapped for me softly… If I mediate for them in the middle, the two of them were unexpectedly easy to coerce.

I took a look, and found my classmates who were still around looking at us and whispering… Good good. This was one of my plan.

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Me, Amano and Hoshinomori, such a combination feels weird and would be very prominent. However, if I tie the three of us together under the name of a Hobby Group, the gazes directed at us would lessen! I can talk to them openly too!

That was the first advantage of forming the Hobby Group. As for the second advantage…

“Erm, Uehara-san?"

"What, Amano?"

Amano raised his hand meekly and asked with his head tilted: