Wild road to make money

Wild road to make money

He Desheng smiled. “It isn’t, Boss Pei…”

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“But the shared phone booth is Dream Realization Ventures’ project after all. Zhang Wang will not be able to complete it himself. We are just lending a helping hand.”

“Most importantly, we don’t have much to do at work now. It’s just a matter of lending a hand.”

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He Desheng was telling the truth. They could play games with Boss Ma when they had nothing to do at work. However, Boss Ma now said that he would work seriously and stop playing games.

These people screen proposals usually. They were usually very free so they decided to help Zhang Wang deal with the shared phone booth project.

Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks.

He was so wrong!

He thought that these people had such a high level of consciousness to slip away early, but it was not the case at all!

It was enough that they managed to finish their own jobs; now, they were even helping others with their jobs!

Such thinking should definitely not exist!

Zhang Wang and the shared phone booth project were pretty reliable at first. They looked as though they could make a steady loss.

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What if He Desheng’s gang helped him and created the opposite effect?

Pei Qian was silent for a moment. “So you don’t have enough workload? I’ve got a new project for you.

“Shared Top Student.”