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There also weren't any changes when I checked the OAA scores of the person I was meeting later.

I quickly closed my phone and stared out to the ocean in silence.

It had been a few days since the extremely harsh and somewhat unrealistic uninhabited island exam.

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Although my body no longer felt tired, my sense of routine remained thin because I was on a luxury cruise ship.

“Geh, you’re still here?”

The voice came from some distance away. Before I could turn around, the words continued.

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“Could you not use other people to call me out? They’ll misunderstand and think you and I are close.”

I approached Yamaga-san, who was from her class and shared a guest cabin with her.

“Unfortunately there was no other way to contact you. Or did you want to be approached during a meal with many people present?”

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“I would definitely hate that. But I also hate being approached in a way like today just as much.”

“If that’s the case, could you tell me in advance what I should do if I want to talk to you?”

“The best thing would be if you didn’t think about talking to me at all.”

Ibuki-san arrived at the meeting place about 10 minutes late with a disagreeable look on her face.

Without a single word of apology, she’d been complaining ever since she appeared.

“You don’t seem to have been delayed by some special circumstance. By any chance, are you trying to be Miyamoto Musashi?”

“What? I don’t even know what that means.”