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He had acted in many ridiculous comedies before. There were often some ridiculous and bizarre plots in them. He could not help but feel happy when he saw the publicity film, which was a little ridiculous. Wasn’t this his strong point? He should act as himself!

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Meng Chang nodded. “Alright, let’s start filming. Let’s take it and see how it goes.”

Everyone quickly got into position and began filming.

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Lin Jiaqiang had not acted in a movie for a long time, but he was an old actor after all. He still had his foundation. What’s more, he did not need to memorize lines in the publicity video. He only needed to make all sorts of exaggerated expressions and movements. Therefore, there was basically no difficulty.

The edited version of the publicity video took about two minutes. The few scenes were not complicated, so it was filmed very quickly.

All the sets and props had been prepared. Lin Jiaqiang entered the scene very quickly. In less than half an hour, he finished filming all the scenes.

“Alright, cut!”

Yu Yao looked at Meng Chang. “Boss Meng, can you give us some instructions?”

Lin Jiaqiang’s acting was alright but he could still pick a problem if he really had to. As a director, even if there were no problems, they would usually “save one”. It was just like how the client had to find fault with the first version no matter how satisfied he was with it and forcefully produce the second version.

Meng Chang fell silent.

It was not that he had too many opinions or was dissatisfied with Lin Jiaqiang’s performance. The situation was exactly the opposite.

Lin Jiaqiang was acting too well!

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Whether or not a short comedy like this would produce laughs depended on the actor’s acting.

It was just like many domestic comedians. When they acted, it was like they were forcefully scratching the audience’s armpits. Many joke segments would not make people feel funny, rather they would make people feel awkward.

However, Lin Jiaqiang was a veteran comedian after all. He might be outdated now, but his skills were still there. His exaggerated actions and expressions, coupled with the voice-over, were quite interesting.

Before Meng Chang could say anything, Lin Jiaqiang volunteered. “Everyone, feel free to voice your opinions. I haven’t acted in a long time and I have not recovered my state.”

“However, I’m getting better and better. I’ll definitely be able to act better if I were to take another shot!”