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In fact, when the exam concluded, I remember that part of the class were extremely shocked with the content of the exam. Starting with Keisei and Yosuke, the students who had the best grades were discussing the extremely difficult questions. The topic had even spread over to the Ayanokouji group, and I remember that instead of giving a clear answer as to whether I’d solved it or not, I vaguely dodged the question.

“Kiyotaka should know very well that nobody in the class could solve those problems. Yet we didn’t even see him brag about how he solved them. Isn’t that weird? It even makes it seem like he has something he can’t reveal… maybe he did something bad, and knew the answers from the start, or something like that.”

“He cheated… Of course, it’s not surprising that you want to think that.”

Horikita took Keisei’s euphemistically phrased words and put them bluntly.

Keisei looked away in embarrassment, but Horikita continued to pursue the topic.

“In this situation, it’s hard not to be suspicious. If I were a student who knew nothing, I would definitely feel the same way, and believe that Ayanokouji-kun had been secretly cheating. However, that isn’t the case here.”

Horikita took a breath, and scanned the students who were watching her.

“I’m planning to explain the same thing for the people who aren’t here now. To solve the mystery of Ayanokouji-kun’s perfect score, we’ll have to go back to spring of last year.”

Spring of last year. In other words, the time in which we first came to this school.

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“We have since switched seats, but it must still be fresh in your memory that until recently, we were seatmates, right? Not long after school started, when I was talking to Ayanokouji-kun, I happened to find out that he was extremely good at academics… Even better than me.”

“Better than you in academics? Hold on. I remember Kiyotaka’s scores being about average all around since school started. I’m sorry, but I can’t see anything about it being worthy of special attention. Isn’t his grade on the OAA a C, the overall average?”

Even Keisei’s sharp question which came from his clear memory of the past didn’t faze Horikita.

“Of course. That’s because my strategy was already in motion before the first exam was completed.”

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As Horikita said that, she moved away from me, towards the lectern. This was meant to shift the focus of all the students. She must have done this to draw attention away from me.

I did think that she would help me out, but the way she did it was better than I expected.

“From the very start he had the knowledge to get perfect scores in math. As I knew this before anyone else, I thought up a little strategy.”

“…A little strategy?”