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Online WeChat brush single money scam

However, in Old Ma’s hands, this hero did not do anything of that sort. He slipped off, covered in blood, and sold his three teammates decisively.

Pei Qian couldn’t help but sigh. He had seen many rigged games, but it was the first time he saw four tanks and one assist!

Pei Qian confirmed it after taking a closer look. The other party was really not a friendly opponent. It should be an enemy randomly matched online.

In previous 5v5 rigged games, the party on the opponent side acted realistically, but Pei Qian could see traces of the game being rigged. After all, allowing Old Ma to kill nine people in the game by himself could only be achieved with some rather inferior acting.

Now, the opponents seemed to be hitting Ma Yang rather cruelly. They did not seem like current employees but employees that left. Luckily, Old Ma escaped pretty fast; otherwise, he would have died miserably.

The other employees had spotted Pei Qian standing behind Ma Yang by now. However, none of them spoke, seeing the ‘hush’ gesture by Boss Pei.

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Ma Yang wore the earphones and stared at the screen intently, unaware a person was standing behind him.

Of course, even if he did see Pei Qian, he would probably just greet him and go back to his game.

Old Ma might be muddled, but he never gave up on his teammates. He was still rather reliable from this point of view—if one did not consider his performance in the game.

Old Ma’s current actions were no different from abandoning his teammates now.

Pei Qian watched on happily. If he was in the game and was Old Ma’s teammate, he would probably have cursed him.

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However, Pei Qian only had one thought in mind as a bystander.

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Was there any food? Bring me some; I’m so hungry!

However, he could not help but sympathize with Boss Ma’s four teammates. They were obviously better than the opponents, but they were hit so badly.

However, Pei Qian’s smile gradually faded from his face as he watched on.

Extreme pleasure would end in sorrow!

Wait, this version of GOG… doesn’t look right?

Ma Yang’s last hit was executed so badly. Why did his equipment not fall too far behind? Also, wasn’t his hero a support hero?

Ma Yang killed the enemy with the help of his teammates and was awarded an 800-yuan bounty?