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Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai scrambled for the remaining gliders.

The president, who saw them rushing, smiled happily.

「Fufu. All of them have the same performance, and I have prepared one for everyone, so don’t rush.」

Afterwards, everyone got onto a glider and took to the sky one after another.

「A-Amazing… The view is so great!」

「The Hundred Million Year Sakura seen from the sky is even more beautiful!」

While Ria and Rose were moved by the scenery from the sky,

「It’s a great invention, but…」

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「The consumption rate of spiritual power is greater than I thought though…」

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Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai appealed with a bitter expression.

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「Ah, come to think of it… It’s true that it has already drained a fair amount.」

「At this consumption rate, I’d say we only have thirty minutes of flight time.」

Ria and Rose, who were excited just a second ago, now muttered with a difficult expression.

「Yes, that “poor fuel consumption” is the problem. The results of the Performance Test, which the Holy Knights participated in, shows an average flight time of 15 minutes. Even at the longest, it was only 20 minutes.」

The president said so and sighed loudly.

(That’s strange. My spiritual power doesn’t feel drained at all though.)