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「N-No way…?」

He clearly demonstrated his overwhelming, extraordinary power.

「Zahahahahahahahaha! None of you are…『sparkly』enough!」

Zack’s laughing voice echoed throughout Oriana Street, which had become scorched earth.

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After he laughed at the president and the Holy Knights for a while,

「Now then!」

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Holding the fainted Ria under his arm, he started walking away.

I stared at it hazily as though it was happening somewhere far away on the other side of the planet.

(…How did this happen?)

Today, I should have had a busy and enjoyable day with the free-spirited president.

The sun was beginning to set, so I was to accompany the president back to her mansion soon, then go back to the dorm and have dinner with Ria, and then sleep together in the same bed.

(I was supposed to have had such a happy day as usual…)

Why did this happen?

「…Oi, wait.」


In response to my whisper, Zack slowly turned around.

As I looked closer, blood dripped from Ria’s shoulder, who was carried on his side.