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He could also see Ayanokouji’s shadow behind Sakayanagi’s actions.

If he had just one more clue, his doubts on the matter could be removed.

“The one who’s really coming is──.”

The sounds of footsteps approached the second-floor toilet, and then a male student appeared.

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“Ah? Looks like you called out an interested person, Hashimoto!”

Appearing in front of Ryuuen and Hashimoto was first-year Class B’s Ryuji Kanzaki.

These three people who normally didn’t exchange words came together.

“He said he really wanted to talk to you. So I acted as a middleman to bring you two together.”

“So? What do you get in return?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Of course, it’s a cooperative relationship with Class B.”

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“Sayakanagi framed Ichinose. In other words, they’re enemies. Do you really think Kanzaki could accept it?”

“He’ll accept it. Right? Kanzaki.”

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“I won’t trust you, Hashimoto. But you’re of value.”