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How to make money on 2017

「Congratulations to all the new students!」

The president, who read a long ceremony speech, then began to talk about the current situation of the school.

「As you already know, our academy has been in a difficult situation in recent years. We can already hear rumours and fears that the Five Academy’s will become the Four Academy’s if we keep it as it is.」

Then she further added.

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「So we made a major reform this year. We renewed the teachers who had problems, including the former president, and introduced a recommended admission system to secure excellent human resources from this year. And this time – I was very thankful that I succeeded in securing three recommended students. These students are all the swordsmen that I have judged to be『transcendent』 in my eyes.」

While listening to the story silently, I had a bad feeling.

Should I say as expected or else, because the president said the unthinkable.

「Then, the three students who have been enrolled through the recommended admission: Ria Vesteria, Rose Valencia, and Allen Rodore please come up to the stage.」

…………I’m done for.

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The peaceful and safe student life I sought, disappeared like mist with just a single word from the president.

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The surrounding students looked around to see the recommended enrollees, and the entire gymnasium became noisy in an instant.

(…I wonder if I can just sit like this and hide away?)

Such a wicked thought crossed my mind for a moment, but Leia-sensei was beckoning while looking straight at me, so I gave up on it.

Then, when I moved up to the stage, there was a face I knew in front of me.

A dignified face featuring red eyes and beautiful pinkish silver hair extending to the back.