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His reason for suddenly feeling like helping out was that, it seems. It looked like a backup measure after giving up on his favorite Kushida. I can’t think of Sakura being pleased with that. I wished for an event to happen where Yamauchi would start liking Sakura for real.

“So please, help me. For instance, you could leave us to be alone from now.”

“I’m not saying I’ll help you with that…”

“What? Are you after Sakura maybe? Those boobies!”

Why are there so many guys who look at things so nastily? I wasn’t going to deny Yamauchi’s feelings particularly. After all, breasts size are women’s charm and their attractiveness is biologically explained too. I don’t mind cheering and helping out if necessary. But unlike Kushida, Sakura is not used to interacting with men in any case. It would be a different story if this was him just purely wanting to become friends with her, but I can’t let her suddenly be alone with a guy who’s after the opposite sex. If Yamauchi acts recklessly, there will be no chance with Sakura.

“Please, give it up for now. I will cooperate when I get closer with Sakura. Besides, I’d like to go back and try to set a bonfire properly while it’s still early. Alright?”

Yamauchi dropped his shoulders in disappointment, but recovered his mood quickly.

“It’s really hard. Well, whatever. Since you have Horikita you don’t need to worry, Ayanokouji.”

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Since when do I have Horikita?

“Look – let’s just collect the branches properly. I’ll start diligently picking them up over there too.”

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With that being said, he pushed the collected branches towards me. Some of them fell from his hands on the ground. I regretted a little, thinking I might have done something bad to Sakura. Although the cause might be in Kouenji leading, there was a possibility that he felt agony being together with me for a good amount of time. He isn’t the one who will say it out loud.

After Sakura warned the two of us, we collected branches almost silently in the end.

“We have enough already, haven’t we? It’s enough for today, right?”

That was right, we have collected even more than enough amount today.

With Yamauchi’s remark, the three of us finished collecting branches and started heading back to the camp.

“Hey, hey, Sakura. Would you like me to help you with carrying? It must be hard for a girl. You might hurt yourself.”

He was going to break the ice from the beginning – she was holding only about half the amount of branches I had. It seemed he intended to present himself as a sweet, caring guy. I wondered if Yamauchi’s kindness would be conspicuous in contrast to me not helping out.

“It-its’ fine… Ayanokouji-kun, he’s carrying a lot. Help him out.”