What is the ability to make money on the Internet?

What is the ability to make money on the Internet?

I remember Dodriel saying…

If you take that pill, you can recover from any injury instantaneously in exchange for your life span.

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(…That’s troublesome.)

To be honest, a long-term battle is undesirable.

There is a thing called『duration』for soul dress.

I have no idea how long my〈Zeon〉will last.

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(…I guess I’ll attack the moment Rain tries to pick up the spirit pill.)

As I quietly waited for that moment,


He trampled the spirit pill that dropped to the floor.


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I was surprised by the unexpected behavior.

「…What are you surprised looking for? Did you think I’d rely on drugs made by those fellows, those trash?」

Rain, distorting his face with discomfort, clearly asserted his organization as『trash』.

「Then why are you on their side?」

He belongs to the Black Organization, though hating the Black Organization.

I didn’t know what that meant.

「…I have my own circumstances. If you’re not in my shoes, then there are some things you just can’t understand!」Rain cried out, with a mixed expression of various emotions.