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That was the only way for gamers to have a strong driving force and enjoy themselves.

However, these image designs had already been entrusted to Halo Workspace. Wang Xiaobin could rest assured with Big Boss Ruan in charge.

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He was busy when he suddenly saw a familiar figure: the current person-in-charge of Otto Technologies, Jiang Yuan.

Wang Xiaobin stood up. “What’s the matter? Are you worried about the development of Fitness Battle?”

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Jiang Yuan smiled and said, “How could I be worried? Tengda’s gaming department is the most professional department in the entire company!”

“I’m here because I have something else to ask Brother Wang.”

“Otto Technologies’ new cell phone is a gaming cell phone, so I was wondering if Brother Wang could help us change two mobile games?”

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“GOG has a ready-made mobile version. We only need to make some special optimizations for our G1 cell phones. Apart from that, I hope to produce another shooting game and racing game. I think Ocean Stronghold and The Lonely Desert Road are not bad.”

“Brother Wang, can you modify these two games into mobile games as well, and then optimize the design of G1’s two shoulder keys?”

Jiang Yuan knew very well that if it was just a mobile version of GOG, it would not be enough to show the true advantage of this cell phone.

That was because GOG’s operation method was directional. That was to say, most of the skills had to be released after choosing the direction to release the skills. The two shoulder keys could not be used to choose the direction, so their applicability range was relatively narrow.

At most, it would reflect skills like healing, shields, and the like that did not need to choose directions. The skills between heroes and heroes were different. The rules had to be slowly refined to determine how to use the two shoulder keys on each hero.

Games like Bloody Battle Song could also use shoulder keys. However, their gaming experience would not improve qualitatively.

Comparatively, shooting games and racing games were completely different.

When playing the shooting game, the two shoulder keys were aiming and shooting respectively. The two shoulder keys of the racing game were the brake and accelerator respectively. Both could greatly increase players’ gaming experience.

That was why Jiang Yuan specially came to look for Wang Xiaobin. He hoped that he could go on several client-side game modification projects at the same time when G1’s cell phone was being released, so that they could work together.

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