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With 970,000pt remaining we can now reach 1,000,000pt.

I’ll still do my best, thank you.

Please watch as the game starts soon.

Thank you for your continued support!?

“What game did I just play…?”

Lin Wan closed her laptop and fell into deep thought.

This game was called Bloody Battle Song. It had completely changed what she thought had been the bottom line of games.

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Did such a trashy game really exist in the world?!

Although it had already been updated, these changes were mainly made to the gameplay and design.

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No matter what changes were made, Bloody Battle Song was still going to be a web-based game. From the moment she entered the game, she found countless reasons to stop playing

The graphics were lousy. They were still filled with the arts and style that belonged to the last century. The characters in the game were all dressed in bits and pieces of decorative patterns, and armors that completely lacked style. The golden special effects wrapping their bodies all looked exaggerated and vulgar. Each of them also had multi-colored wings on their backs.

The background was a mess as well. This was especially true for the main city where most players gathered together. Each person was dressed in multi-colored equipment. A lot of information could be found above the characters’ heads, including their IDs, their guilds, their nicknames, and the like. The entire scene looked extremely messy and unnecessarily complicated.

The game very considerately allowed players to screen others. Once the player entered the game, they could also very easily locate themselves on the map.

However, by allowing this, the game was exposing the ugly truth. It looked cold and deserted. The less beautiful locations were also made very clear to the players.

The vibes of the game’s music made one feel like they had been transported back to ten years before. It did not sound bad, but it was hindering players from being immersed in the game.

The most important thing was that it was a web-based game. That meant that most of its art resources had to be downloaded online.

Each time they entered a new map with a new background, a little progress bar would appear on the screen because the art resources had not been fully downloaded. This progress bar would say ‘downloading resources’.

All the players would also become black, silent figures. The map’s background only appeared after a while.

In places where the background would frequently change, players would experience a meltdown each time it did.