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She knew that Pei Qian was the one who had invested in the Cold-Faced Lady. If she were to sit here and the situation in the kitchen continued, the consequences would be dire.

It was better to leave as soon as possible before causing more harm.

Qiu Hong did not say much. Tang Yishu was the one who came to visit in secret after all. He was only in charge of accompanying her. The two of them stood up and left.

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Meng Chang continued to explain things to the investors, but he could clearly feel that the investors were no longer as interested as before.

There was no other way. The unexpected mishaps today had been too damaging. Many investors who had been tempted returned to the wait-and-see state.

“Alright, Boss Meng, let’s call it a day. We’ll discuss the investment when we get back. I’ll give you an answer in two days.”

The investors were still very polite, but their attitudes were obviously slightly different from when they first arrived.

Meng Chang was well aware of this, but he had no choice. He could only bite the bullet and continue to act nonchalant as he sent the investors away with a smile.

Meng Chang sighed silently and found an empty seat to sulk after returning to the Cold-Faced Lady.

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The waiter walked over quickly and said in a low voice, “Boss Meng! There are no more problems with the kitchen. The few customers who were delayed have also been exempted from paying. We will definitely be able to ensure that the peak lunch period will not be affected!”

Meng Chang glared at her, not knowing what to say.

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How tiring.

Friday afternoon.

Pei Qian was reading the latest report from Shang Yang Games in his office.

This weekend, the IOI Qualification Competition and the GPL pre-season competition would start at the same time. The timing clashed.