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Online review

“Director Zhu, are you sure that we can start filming now?” Lu Zhiyao looked around at the busy employees, working hard at their own tasks all over the studio. At once, he felt confused.

Zhu Xiaoce nodded. “Of course, we can start filming today. Let’s shoot some testing scenes first.”

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Lu Zhiyao remained confused. “But... neither the backdrops nor the scenes are ready.

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“Where are the other actors? Until now, I haven’t met a single one of them.

“I can’t possibly be acting awkwardly on my own, can I?”

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Zhu Xiaoce smiled subtly. “Don’t worry. You have many more scenes, and I’ve already done the necessary arrangements for you. Both of us can prepare to shoot your scenes first. After that, we’ll shoot with the background and props as the others get them ready.”

Lu Zhiyao fell silent.

For some reason, he felt like he had been scammed.

They walked further into the studio. Zhu Xiaoce led Lu Zhiyao to a room that was surrounded by green screens. “Most of the filming time would be spent here.

“As for what exactly the scenes would be about... look at this diagram. It’s very clearly written on it.”

Zhu Xiaoce pulled up a diagram in his cell phone and then handed it to Lu Zhiyao.

Lu Zhiyao reached out to receive it.

The diagram looked like the inside of a spaceship in a sci-fi environment. The set-up was very simple. There was only a single cabin for sleeping and a huge console.

There was one huge screen and several small screens on the console. There was also a single seat, which seemed to be the driver seat of the spaceship. In front of the driver seat were a huge touch screen, a hemispherical instrument, and buttons of multiple colors.

Lu Zhiyao looked around at the filming location and quickly discovered that there was only one ready-made console, one seat, and one cabin for sleeping. All of those must have been the props that had been rushed out over the past few days. The rest of the scene was to be supplemented with the green screens.

“Director Zhu, this...”

Lu Zhiyao looked incredibly confused.

At least this room had been set up with real props when they were filming Tomorrow is Beautiful before.