Is it true that APP is made online?

Is it true that APP is made online?

They could definitely spend at least a couple hundreds of thousands through it!

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Even though it still felt like he was using a cup of water to salvage the forest fire, the fact that they could spend that much for a mere cohesion activity was something rather sweet!

Assistant Xin’s was extremely efficient and by afternoon, the schedule was prepared.

Pei Qian was delighted as he took it over and checked out the price.

“It’s not even 150,000?!” He was somewhat stumped.

That was much less than what he had expected.

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Assistant Xin smiled gently. “Everything’s calculated based on the current standards.”

Pei Qian looked through everything carefully.

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Assistant Xin had arranged for only 30 people – there might be some employees who did not want to travel all the way to Guangzhou.

For those people, Pei Qian would not force them. After all, it was just a fun, no, learning exchange – it was voluntary.

Return air tickets ranged around 2,000 per person.

Based on 300 per person, the accommodation cost 600 per two person room.

Coupled with the expenses for group meals, traffic and other additional costs as well as some extra budget for employees (If more than 30 people wanted to go, they would make use of the extra budget), the total sum was less than 150,000.

Even after Pei Qian’s calculation, the sum did not increase!

‘Can’t we fly first class?’

The moment that thought surfaced, he was warned by the system.