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“Oh, that plain glasses girl, huh?”

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How’d you understand with just that…? I drew back a bit.

“It’s bad to remember people like that, Ike-kun. That’s pathetic.”

“N-No, it’s different, Kushida-chan. I’m not trying to be offensive. You know how you might remember a tall person by their height? It’s just like that! The only difference is that I’m remembering other people by a different characteristic…!”

Ike tried to smooth over the situation when Kushida quickly lost faith in him. But it’s too late.

“Damn it! It’s different, it’s different! I don’t like a plan girl like her! Don’t misunderstand!”

No, I don’t think there are any misunderstandings here.

Everyone else shifted the topic towards Sakura as Ike broke down crying.

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“Then the next step is to find out how much Sakura-san knows. Does anyone know?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure. We’ll have to ask her directly.”

“Can’t we go to her room right now? We don’t have much time.”

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The proposal from Yamauchi seems safe, but it also depends on her personality and character.

Sakura is an unusually shy girl. If people she didn’t know very well suddenly appeared at her doorstep, it’s easy to imagine that she would be confused.

“Then should we call her?”

Speaking of which, I forgot that Kushida has everyone’s contact addresses in the class.

Kushida was on the phone for 20 seconds, but she shook her head and put her phone away.