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“The Grim Reaper, is it?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like you’d be able to see it anyway.”

With a grin, Ryūen went and looked at the results.

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“Though, it seems that Sakayanagi girl did something interesting too, wouldn’t you say? Seeing as that she went and cut down your only supporter.”

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While Ryūen spoke cheerfully, Katsuragi’s expression turned into one of remorse.

“You’ve completely lost your fighting spirit, haven’t you?”

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“I have nothing to gain by acting out any more than I already have.”

“So you plan to be Sakayanagi’s obedient dog until graduation? What a joke.”


There was a moment of silence.

However, there was a ghastly expression on Katsuragi’s face.

Yahiko, who had followed Katsuragi through thick and thin, had been expelled.

At the same time, Katsuragi had lost his status as a person who people were willing to protect.

“Hoh? So you can make a face like that too, huh Katsuragi?”

After seeing Katsuragi’s expression, perhaps Ryūen had the same impression as me.

“As you are now, you could easily deceive Sakayanagi.”