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I repeated that once again, but it doesn't seem like Sakura feel the same way.

"Still, thank you".

"No....well I guess it's fine".

A question mark floated above my head but let's allow her to conclude it on her own. She's probably this type of person. That's why I'm able to relax while together with her without feeling any bad feelings.

But even so, Sakura's really becoming a straightforward person. She's matured to the extent she's almost unrecognizable as the person I first met. Even though a fellow classmate confessed to her, without running away from it she properly received it. Seeing her grow from day to day, I couldn't help but think that perhaps I too, might be able to change.

"I've noticed this just recently but you know, during PE lessons the teacher's always telling us that swimming will definitely be useful to us later. That was referring to the uninhabited island test".

Towards the Sakura who informed me of this with blazing eyes, there's no need to bungle it up and depress her.

"I see, now that you mention it that's certainly true" I told her.

"As I thought!".

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Perhaps she felt happy about her deduction but Sakura slightly bounced around innocently. I could see her large breasts swaying over the rash guard. This really makes her unable to take off her outer garments. As big as they are, the situation won't bring about anything good, I felt a little sympathy for the circumstances faced by girls.

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In any case, through our conversation, I'm happy that I was able to discover a new side to Sakura. But, Sakura immediately made an apologetic face.

"If I participated in the classes properly without being embarrassed, I wonder if I would have been more useful to you......I was just using the excuse of poor health to run away the whole time......".

"If you've realized even that, isn't that more than enough?".

The students who've lived only for themselves up until now have slowly begun to realize that this alone won't cut it. A person cannot live alone. Unless one plans on living like a hermit holed up on a mountain, there's no other choice but to live collectively together. The majority of middle and high school students don't realize this fact. They live in solitude absorbed in the internet or in their social games. Or there are delinquents who bother the public by committing minor offenses or serious crimes.

Unaware of how one should cooperate with and help others around you. Depending on the circumstances, there are also those who live their whole lives never realizing that.

But this school is different. Their way of doing it is unique but I feel like they're attempting to tell each individual student something. As a matter of fact, Sakura beside me has begun to realize this. That perhaps there was something she could do for the class. That will one day be a great asset.