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I literally want to change the title to < Errands Guy: Shigeru> .

There’s not even a single bit of combat. I’m just running errands.

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“I-I’m tired…!”

The only battle is the one between me and my sleepiness.

However, I don’t want to give up halfway.

So, I continued controlling Shigeru…for another hour.

“Hey, Shigeru. Well, …go find me some stones.”

‘This is bullying!”

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In the end, I’m just taking random orders from a nearby young man.

Where’s the young general setting…?

So, I spent another hour on this.

Finally, there’s a flag that signals a change in the story.

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“Shigeru, find me some sweet potatoes in the mountain behind us.”

The “sweet potato” in the title finally appeared.

“Is it turning into a battleship?”

I dashed to the mountain with a heart filled with hope.