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"You probably intended to shut me down but on the contrary, you're the one being shut down now".

"...I see. The Chairman is probably giving you special consideration. Your abilities are beyond that of a 1st year high school student. You're wiser beyond your years, is how it is, huh?".

She took a breath, nodded and admitted it.

"...I'll confess. I don't know your father".

The attitude she tried so hard to maintain up until now collapsed.

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"However, what are you going to do about the fact that if I ever feel like it, I can actually get you expelled? I can say you committed a serious breach of the rules and inform the school of it. Expulsion is the thing you want to avoid the most, correct?".

To think she came so far only to threaten me now.

"Regardless of the process, the result won't change, is what you're getting at".


"How unfortunate, I'm already sure of it. That you can't get me expelled".

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"...allow me to ask what led you to that conclusion?".

I calmed myself down from that agitated tone.

Of course, in the first place I wasn't actually agitated at all. I had only acted agitated to draw out Chabashira-sensei's true intentions.

"The current situation speaks for itself. Right now, Class D's performed better than it has in most years. Horikita and the other students too, are slowly beginning to put their strengths to good use. Even if I no longer aid them, it's not like they won't rise to Class A anymore".

So far, Class D's catching up to the upper classes and is on the brink of overtaking Class C. No, at this current moment, our positions have already been internally reversed.

But if an expulsion were to occur, the destination will naturally become distant. What it means is that Chabashira-sensei is stuck in a situation where she cannot do anything.

"Even after I've stepped off the stage, the fight will continue as long as Chabashira-sensei holds out hope".

It's impossible for people to discard their hopes with their own hands.