Online shopping mall fight

Online shopping mall fight

“Of course, this would definitely not meet the expectations for some European emperors.”

“The platform in the background will record the amount of each recharge of the player while the player recharges and wins the token lucky draw, the lucky draw result and the total value of these prizes. A new cycle will start every day from midnight to 23:59. If the player interested in the lucky draw in this cycle was not satisfied with the result, they can apply for a refund directly through the refund button. The system will automatically deduct the prize and refund, but the condition is that the player can no longer make any recharge for the next three days.

“In addition, all props in the game are supported to be obtained using game currency.”

“The method of obtaining game currency is to exercise daily. The amount of calories expended is the number of game currency obtained. The more calories they expend daily, the more coins you obtain.”

“These coins can be exchanged for all the props in the game, but they cannot be used for the lucky draw.”

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Pei Qian’s design was to suppress gamers’ desire to spend as much as possible.

The consumption model of the game had to be matched with the investment of the game according to the system’s requirements. Simply put, Pei Qian could not make the game completely free. He had to have a moderate amount of in-app purchase. If there was no in-app purchase, he had to set a higher price.

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Pei Qian had already tasted the bitterness of games with paywalls with Ghost General.

Thus, Pei Qian wanted to dissuade gamers from purchasing as long as the pool was deep enough!

Comparatively, the shopping mall would definitely be more profitable than the lucky draw.

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The reason why many games with paywalls put rare characters and props into the lucky draw was because the lucky draw was a bottomless pit. When the probability of producing goods was low, the value that whales had to pay to obtain a certain character far exceeded its actual value.

Of course, many games companies would make the lucky draw seem worth it. The items that were drawn from the lucky draw would exceed the actual value of the items that were bought directly. However, the problem was that there would be many useless items added to the lucky draw. Therefore, players would still be at a disadvantage.

Pei Qian’s plan was to add the lucky draw system and increase the theoretical upper limit of the game so that the game would be free. However, this lucky draw system was completely different from other games. It was definitely not worth it.

The quality-price ratio of this lucky draw system was very low. Moreover, it would give players the props and value that they drew out publicly. The key was that if players were dissatisfied, they could return and obtain a refund. Then, players would be given a period of calm. They could not recharge in three days.