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“We have arrived at the golden zone of the Golden Maze.”

Obviously, the Management Trainee had joined the group for the meal and kept a close eye on them throughout. The last message had only been sent when Pei Qian decided to check his phone.

Pei Qian’s mind immediately filled with question marks.

Teacher Qiao?

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Ruan Guangjian?

It was not surprising that either of them had appeared at the Thriller Hostel, but the fact that they had appeared together and even eaten together was very strange!

Pei Qian could not be bothered to find out if they had bumped into each other or arranged to meet. Now, there was a problem far more urgent than that in front of him.

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Qiao Liang was going to attempt the ‘Ultimate Horror’! He was the second name on the list in Pei Qian’s little notebook, and Pei Qian knew his destruction ability very well.

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Pei Qian would not be that afraid if anyone else had gone to play at Thriller Hostel because no one else was that influential.

However, Qiao Liang was a famous UP Master with more than a million fans on Aili Island. If he published a video to praise Thriller Hostel, Pei Qian would be finished!

It was also for precisely that reason that Pei Qian had not informed him when Thriller Hostel opened for business.

Although he would have been happy to take revenge on Qiao Liang and see his enemy being frightened to death in Thriller Hostel, he had also had to think about his failed experience with Repent and be Saved. Pei Qian felt like whenever he tried to set Qiao Liang up, he always ended up losing out even more.

Thus, Pei Qian had intended for both of them to let each other off. I won’t inform you about Thriller Hostel, and you won’t do me any harm. Between both of us, one is in Jingzhou and the other is in Beijing. We can live our own lives.